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Business Safety Information Form

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    This form is for business owners to register their after-hours contact information with the Leander Police Department. This form assists the Leander Police Department in locating and contacting the business owner or manager in case of an emergency or criminal act involving their business after hours. It also assists the police department in knowing who should and should not be on the business' premises after hours.

  2. Business Information

    Please complete this section with your business information.

  3. Please list your business' telephone number for contact during business hours.

  4. Please list your business' hours of operation.

  5. Business Owner Information

    Please complete this section with the contact information for the business owner.

  6. This is needed in case contact cannot be made with the owner via telephone after hours, so officers can locate the owner if there is an issue at their business after hours.

  7. Please list the best phone number to reach the business owner after hours.

  8. If there is another phone number where the business owner can be reached after hours, please list it here.

  9. Other Business Information

    Please complete this section with any other information about your business that officers may need when responding to a call after hours at your business.

  10. Is there someone besides the owner who can be contacted after hours about issues at the business, such as a manager?

  11. If your business is equipped with an alarm, what company is that alarm monitored through?

  12. Please list an after-hours phone number for your alarm monitoring company.

  13. Is your business gated?*
  14. If your business is gated, please list the gate code so that officers will have access to the area if they are called.

  15. If there are any managers, janitorial staff, or other staff members that are allowed to be on the premises after hours, please list: their name, the company they work for if different from your business, and the days/hours they should be there. (ie. if you use a janitorial service, please list the company name and the day/time they come every week).

  16. Do you have any other information, instructions, comments, or tips for officers who may be responding to your business after hours?

  17. Please type the name of the person completing this form.

  18. Please list your email address in case there are any additional questions about your form submission.

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