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  1. Leander Animal Services Patch

    Did you find a pet in Leander and currently have it in your possession? Report it here so that Animal Services can help reunite lost pets with their owners.

    Please do not report animals running loose on this form. If you see an animal loose in the city, please call 512-528-2800, ext. 1, and report it. These form fields are not monitored 24/7 and are not to be used for reporting loose animals or requesting a response from Animal Services.

  2. Contact Information

  3. Pet Information

  4. When did you find the animal?

  5. Please describe where the animal was found. Include an address or street name and block number.

  6. What is the animal's current location? If you took it to a shelter, please enter which shelter they were taken to.

  7. Animal Type*
  8. Gender*

    What is the animal's gender, if you can tell?

  9. What is the breed or closest guess to the animal's breed?

  10. What color is the animal?

  11. Please describe any collar or accessories the animal might be wearing.

  12. Please describe any tags that are attached to the animal.

  13. Can you tell if the animal has a microchip? (Microchip tag, scanned by vet/shelter) If so, enter any information you might have about the microchip.

  14. Please put any other information you might have about the animal, how it was found, or who it might belong to.

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