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  1. Leander Animal Services Patch

    Did you lose a pet in the city of Leander? Report it here so that Animal Services can help reunite lost pets with their owners.

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  3. If your pet is found, we need to know where to bring them home!

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  6. What is your pet's name?

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  8. Has your pet been spayed or neutered (altered)?
  9. What is the breed or closest guess/resemblance to your pet's breed?

  10. What color or pattern is your pet?

  11. Please describe any collar or accessories your pet might be wearing.

  12. Please describe any tags that might be attached to your pet.

  13. Please describe where your pet was last seen. Include an address or street name and block number.

  14. When did you last see your pet?

  15. Does your pet have a microchip? Please write Yes or No. 

    If 'Yes' please include the microchip company and the microchip number.

  16. Please put any other information you might have about the animal, how it was found, or who it might belong to.

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